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City Culture Checkpoint - to all the new discoveries and...

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City Culture Checkpoint Immigration brought many new cultural opportunities to the area. More opportunities were being provided like bigger factories and railroads importing and exporting goods allowing revenue in and out. Jobs were created to help run things giving more opportunities to the people and immigrants from different countries. Things took a fast pace when industrialization took effect. Politics brought order helping all the new changes become stable within the land. Order in the cities brought sufficient reasonable changes to be allowed for a city to develop quite well. Cities grew with people and wealth due
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Unformatted text preview: to all the new discoveries and fast pace development. Things started to cycle through the United States and bringing prosperity. Immigrants settled in different cities bringing forth ethnic enclaves, possibilities of change. Without these changes, there would be no chance for prosperity and urbanization to survive. America began its survival after the Civil War and its rebuilding and re-strengthening as a nation....
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