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Farmers Revolt - unlike they are today American politics is...

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Farmers Revolt Five to seven point, bulleted list of factors that led to political stalemate and the subsequent farmers’ revolt in the late 19 th century: Tenancy and sharecropping Depression brought higher agricultural prices, surplus, and forcing people to move away from their land. Granger laws Farmers alliance Populist party Crisis of 1890s Overpopulation of crops Higher mortgages were to be paid leading to people suffering from poverty and issues with railroads, falling prices. The relationship between the issues the political system dealt with in the Gilded Age and current American political issues are similar in ways, During the Gilded Age, industries were booming, economy was growing and boosting but keeping things regulated and consumers protection were
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Unformatted text preview: unlike they are today. American politics is much more different today because different challenges are faced with much more political power and improvement methods. We still depend on much of the public and stimulation from private sector for successful outcomes. The Gilded Age faced tariffs, civil services reform, and currency reforms. Currency was something that had value based on how it circulated around the U.S. Civil Service was something important because it allowed competitive examinations to be done or federal jobs and jobs to be rewarded based on merit. Overall, the Gilded Age and current American political issues are different because of the changes that have been made....
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