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Industrial Workers Checkpoint As a Newspaper journalist, I interviewed a man by the name of John Smith. He explained how as an American industrial worker, life was never easy and stayed that way for quite some time “John, what is so uneasy about being an industrial worker in America?” “Well, wages are too low, to long of hours that have to be worked in one day, plus many working conditions are unsafe and hazardous.” “Do you see technology affecting the workers soon? “Technology is improving, adding to productivity, it will require a lesser demand for skilled labor. Pretty soon machines will be replacing individuals.”
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Unformatted text preview: Continuing on with our interview, it was said women and children who worked only brought home a fraction of that of what the men had made. Most workers were working a ten hour day. America has also one of the largest industrial fatality rates. At this time, no labor legislation was involved for America. Families were anywhere from twenty to forty percent less than the minimum amount that they made away from having a decent life. Children struggle indefinitely, barely bringing in anything at all. What will come over the next few years, will it get better? Let’s hope so....
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