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DISEASE SYMPTOM S DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT CAUSED BY BACTERIAL MENINGITUS *viruses, fungi and protozoa produce meningitis too, but bacterial more severe *morality rate high for infectious disease today *all three bacterial species contain capsule to protect from phagocytosis *death comes from shock and inflammation from Endotoxins in gram negative and release of cell wall fragments (peptidoglycans and teichoic acids) in gram positive bacteria Initial: fever, stiff neck, headache Followed by: nausea, vomiting May lead to: convulsions and coma *many who survive suffer neurological damage DIAGNOSIS: Spi nal tap Lu mb ar pu nct ure Gr am sta in Lat ex ag glu tin ati on (of CS F) TREATMENT: (antibiotics like. .) Ce ph alo sp ori ns pe nic illi n HAEMOPHILUS INFLUENZAE gram negative, aerobic bacteria common in normal flora of throat capsular antigen type B- important to pathogenity occurs in children 6 months to 4 yrs can be prevented by hib vaccine *Also a cause of pneumonia, otis media, epilottis
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