disease on test 3

disease on test 3 - Multiple Sclerosis: u u Multiple...

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Multiple Sclerosis: u Multiple Sclerosis affects the body by impairing the nerves in the central nervous system u Causes: o This virus may act on the immune system in such a way as to trigger an immune response against the nervous system o The cells of the immune system, including macrophages and antibody-secreting lymphocytes, attack the myelin sheaths as if they were foreign invaders. Neurons within the nervous system are covered by an insulation called myelin Normally, myelin accelerates the flow of impulses down the axon of a neuron, but for people with MS, many of the myelin sheaths have been stripped away As a result, these demyelinated neurons lose their ability to effectively communicate with other neurons The symptoms that characterize MS occur wherever demyelination is present. u It is believed that demyelination is the result of an autoimmune disorder that has been caused by a viral agent u In most cases, these myelin sheaths can be repaired by the body over time o Once impaired, the nerves lose their ability to communicate with the peripheral nerves of the body that would normally initiate a physical action Symptoms o Because neurons are clumped together within a nerve, many neurons for different pathways can be affected resulting in multiple physical deficiencies o Physical impairment, loss of body function (from inability of the central nervous system to communicate with the peripheral nerves) Risk factors: Mostly young adults Treatment: beta interferons: These act by inhibiting the replication of white blood cells and prevents them from
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disease on test 3 - Multiple Sclerosis: u u Multiple...

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