lab quix - Somasensory association area posterior to...

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PNS: Shwann cells CNS: oligodendrites Unipolar: impulses toward CNS Bipolar: eye, ear, olfactory Multipolar: away from CNS Afferent(sensory): to CNS (unipolar) Efferent (motor): away from CNS (multipolar) Association (internuerons) afferent and efferent communication in CNS (muilti polar) Axon Mylelin shealth ENDONEIRUIM surrounds each nerve fiber fasicle PERINUERIUM surrounds fasicle EPINEURIUM surrounds all fassicles grouped together Gyri: ridges Sulci: shallow grooves Fissure: deeper groves Central sulcus: divides frontal and parietal Lateral sulcus: divides temporal and parietal Pario occipital sulcus: occipital and parietal Longitudinal fissure: divides cerebral hemispheres Insula: fifth lobe of each hemisphere, covered by potions of temporal, pariental and frontal lobes Primary somasensory cortex: (located in postcentral gyrus of parietal lobe): where impulses from bodys sensory receptors located here, like pressure, pain etc
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Unformatted text preview: Somasensory association area: posterior to primary somasensory: meaning of incoming sensory is analyzed Ex: aware of pain, cold, touch, etc. Ulcus: where olfactory area lies deep within lobe Broca’s area: (found at base of precentral gyrus, just above lateral sulcus): motor speech area Wernickes area: (junction of parietal and temporal): unfamiliar words sounded out *broca and wernickes only in one lobe Cerebral cortex: gray matter on outer( for functions) and white matter is deeper (for impulses to cortex) Conus medullaries: where spinal cord terminates Filum terminale: where pia mater extends to coccx ( has denticulate ligaments) Cauda equine: nerves at inferior spinal cord Precentral gyrus: where primary motor area is located (conscious or voluntary skeletal movement. .so somatic?)...
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lab quix - Somasensory association area posterior to...

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