NERVES - 5. Axons regenerate 1-5mm/day *Somas undergo...

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Nerve Regeneration: Not possible in CNS Possible in ANS if myelinated schwwan cells present, or axon present *The greater the distance between the severed nerve and its contact, the less chance of recovery 1. Peripheral nerve severed 2. The ends separate; then swell as substances travelling along axon accumulate 3. Wallerian degeneration : Axon and myelin sheath distal to injury (part that got separated) disintegrate called 3-4 days, distal part of axon is completely fragmented Macrophages remove debris 4. Schwann, basal, lamina, and neurilemma form a regeneration tube Schwann cells protect, support, and remyelinate the regenerating axon – release growth factors that encourage axonal growth
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Axons regenerate 1-5mm/day *Somas undergo change also during regeneration: o Number of abnormalities (soma swells, ER breaks up, nucleus moves off center) Types of Nerves Mixed: Carries both sensory and motor fibers. Carries info to and from CNS Sensory afferent: Carries sensory impulses to CNS Motor efferent: Carries motor impulses away from CNS Anatomy of Nerve Endonerium: connective tissue covering each axon Perinerium : connective tissue covering bundles of axons (fascicles) Epinerium : connective tissue covering bundles of fascicles Ganglia : collection of neuron cell bodies associated with PNS Dorsal Root Ganglion and Ventral Root Ganglion...
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NERVES - 5. Axons regenerate 1-5mm/day *Somas undergo...

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