ICE PICK lobotomies

ICE PICK lobotomies - Because she was violently suicidal 9...

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BSC 215 Assignment – Icepick Lobotomies Websites: Questions: 1. What is a lobotomy? psychosurgical procedure in which the connections the prefrontal cortex and underlying structures are severed, or the frontal cortical tissue is destroyed in order to dissassociate the brain with its emotional center 2. What procedure did Walter Freeman invent? Transorbital labotomy 3. What did Freeman believe that mental illness was caused by? Overactive emotions 4. What instrument was used in the transorbital lobotomy? An ice-pick like instument 5. How long did a transorbital lobotomy take usually? Ten minutes 6. How did Freeman “anesthetize” his patients for the lobotomies? electroshock
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7. What part of the brain, specifically, was targeted in a transorbital lobotomy? Frontal lobes 8. Why did the 1 st transorbital patient (the housewife) get a lobotomy?
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Unformatted text preview: Because she was violently suicidal 9. Why did lobotomies become popular treatments for mental illness? Alternative treatments were scarce, drugs were not introduced until much later and psychiatric intuitions were overcrowed 10. What happened to the woman in Atlanta who had a lobotomy to cure her headaches? It cured her headaches, but she acted childish with no social graces 11. What drug made lobotomies a lot less popular? phenothiazine-based neuroleptic (anti-psychotic) drugs, such as chlorpromazine 12. Why did Howard Dully’s stepmother have him lobotomized? She feared Howard Dully and described him ad deviant and savage looking. She said he did not react to love or punishment 13.What happened in the 1967 lobotomy that it Freeman’s last? The housewife named Helen Mortenson that he preformed it on died of a brain hemmorage....
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ICE PICK lobotomies - Because she was violently suicidal 9...

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