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Assignment #4 Discussion - Assignment #4 Chapter 16...

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Assignment #4 Chapter 16 Critical Thinking: No. 3 As an employee in a business organization the structure of the business serves a vital role in determining the way people communicate with one another. The elements of a structure are work specialization, chain of command, span of control, centralization, formalization, and departmentation. The extent to which each of these elements is in place varies depending on the business structure. The matrix structure is used in advertising agencies, aerospace firms, research and development laboratories, construction companies, hospitals, etc. A matrix structure creates dual lines of authority and combines functional and product departmentalization. The strength of functional departmentalization is that it puts similar specialists together, and this helps to minimize the number necessary while allowing the sharing of specialized resources across products. Its disadvantage is the difficulty of coordinating the tasks of diverse functional specialists so that their activities are completed on time and within budget. Product departmentalization facilitates coordination among specialist to achieve on-time completion and to meet budget targets. It provides a clear responsibility for all activities related to the product. In essence, the matrix attempts to gain the strengths of both the functional and product aspects to gain the most efficiency. The strength of the matrix is that it facilitates coordination across multiple products and projects. It provides efficient allocation of specialists and professionals. It helps reduce bureaupathologies, which prevents the tendencies of departmental members to focus primarily on
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Assignment #4 Discussion - Assignment #4 Chapter 16...

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