action of diuretics

action of diuretics - Block active transport of Cl Na and K...

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Action of Diuretics Diuretic Site of Action Action Side Effects Osmotic Diuretic: Aldosterone works in proximal tubule. Mannitol(head trauma) Proximal Tubule Freely filtered but not reabsorbed; hypokalemia(<3.5) & (Isotonic) Osmotically attracts water & diminishes dehydration Sodium *ADH not required* Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor: Acetazolamide(diamox) Proximal Tubule Inhibits carbonic anyhydrase; blocks hypokalemia; systemic (Glaucoma- (isotonic) Dehydrates eyeball) of sodium bicarbonate Inhibitors of Na/Cl Reabsorption: Thiazides between end of Blocks Na & Cl reabsorption; mildly hypokalemia; metabolic suppresses carbonic anhydrase alkalosis Beginning of distal Tubule Furosemide Thick ascending
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Unformatted text preview: Block active transport of Cl, Na, and K hypokalemia; Ethacrynic acid Limb of Henle uric acid retention Toresmide Cortical vaso-Increased rate of urine formation hypokalemia; Bumetanide dilation uric acid retention Potassium Sparing: Spironolactone distal tubule/ Inhibits aldosterone; blocks Na reabsorption Hyperkalemia(>5); nausea; Collecting duct & results in K retention confusion; gynecomastia-Enlargement of breast tissue In male. Triamterene & distal tubule/ Block Na reabsorption & inhibit K Nausea, vomiting,headache, Amiloride collecting duct Excretion granulocytopenia, skin rash *In the reabsorption of water ADH is required so in the distal tubule* ANP & BNP work in loop of Henle and distal tubule*...
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