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so compartment syndrome can be caused by trauma like a car accident affecting the left arm  or an IV moving out of the vein causing fluid to accumulate that begins to effect the arterial  and venous pressure? and rhabdomylosiscan be caused by overuse of the muscle which  releases myoglobin into the blood and can lead to renal failure? so for the chart on 1050, an unknown antigen causes T cells to be activated which cuases B  cells to make antibodies against this antigen which is bad because the antigen is against the 
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Unformatted text preview: body. The antibodies cause things like cytokines and rankl to be activated which leads to cartilage destruction and bone destruction through things like osteoclasts? • troponoin and tropomyosin monitor laboritory values for cardiac muscle, and Ck is for renal function • Creatinine has only renal clearance so it is a sensitive indicator of renal function •...
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