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voc list for final

voc list for final - 1 Hemoptysis t he coughing up of blood...

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1. Hemoptysis – the coughing up of blood 2. Hematemesis – the vomiting of blood 3. Bronchiolitis obliterans – late stage fibrotic process that occludes the airways and causes permanent scarring of the lungs 4. Transudative – watery fluid in the lungs 5. Exudative – high concentrations of WBCs and plasma proteins in the lungs 6. Empyema – pus in the lungs 7. Hemothorax – blood in the lungs 8. Atelectasis – a portion of the lungs is not moving well or is not inflated, becomes sticky and the alveoli collapses. 9. Bronchiectasis – a condition in which the bronchi of the lungs become dilates in response to obstruction. 10. Paresis (weakness) –is partial paralysis with incomplete loss of muscle power 11. Paralysis – is loss of motor function so that a muscle group is unable to overcome gravity. 12. Paraparesis or paraplegia – refers to weakness/paralysis of the lower extremities. 13. Quadriparesis or quadriplegia – refers to paresis/ paralysis of all four extremities. 14. Kernig sign – bend knee and when you straighten it you will come off the table because it hurts so bad (positive), because of the bleeding and pressure. 15. Brudzinski sign – hurts when flexing the neck (the neck is rigid); my have subarachnoid hemorrhage or meningitis. 16. Hyposmia – impaired sense of smell
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17. Anosmia – complete loss of smell 18. Parosmia – abnormal or perverted sense of smell 19. Hypogeusia – decrease in taste sensation 20. Ageusia –
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voc list for final - 1 Hemoptysis t he coughing up of blood...

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