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Voc list 1. Exophthalmus – bulging eyes caused by graves disease 2. Presbyopia – a condition in which the ocular lens becomes larger, firmer, and less elastic. 3. Myopia – nearsightedness 4. Hyperopia – farsightedness 5. Astigmatism – unequal/ abnormal curvature of the cornea 6. Hyposmia – impaired sense of smell 7. Anosmia – complete loss of smell 8. Parosmia- abnormal or perverted sense of smell 9. Hypogeusia – decrease in taste sensation 10. Ageusia –absence of the sense of taste 11. Dysgeusia – perversion of taste in which substance possesses an unpleasant flavor. 12. Meissner corpuscles – rapidly adapting receptors that sense movement across the skin. 13. Pacinian corpuscles – rapidly adapting receptors that sense vibration.
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Ruffini ending – respond to deep sustained pressure, stretch, and joint position 15. Merkel disks – slowly adapting, sense sustained light touch. 16. Synarthrosis – immovable joint 17. Amphiarthrosis – slightly moveable 18. Diarthrosis - freely moveable 19. Sutures – skulls in children, has a thin layer of dense fibrous tissue that binds together interlocking flat bones in the skulls of young children. 20. Syndesmoses – skulls in adults, a joint in which the two bony surfaces are united by a ligament or membrane. 21. Gomphosis – a special type of fibrous joint in which a conical projection fits into a complementary socket and is held there by a ligament. 22....
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