BIOL221 Introduction to Microbiology

BIOL221 Introduction to Microbiology - BIOLOGY 221...

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BIOLOGY 221 Introduction to Microbiology Course Organization, Policies and Grading Instructor: T. Walter Phone: 494-7061 Office: Lilly G-232 Office hours: Friday 10 am to 12 noon; also by drop in or appointment Email: [email protected] Secretary: The secretarial pool is very much in flux due to the poor economy. Please email me with questions you would otherwise address to the course secretary and I’ll try to forward them to the right person. Class Meeting: M, W, F 1:30 pm - 2:20 pm in Lilly 1-105 Textbook: None required. For suggestions, see below. Clickers: You will be required to purchase an iClicker for this course. They are available from the bookstores. These will be used to keep track of understanding and attendance in class. If you have a clicker for another class, you can use the same one for Bio 221. Please register your clicker by going to Blackboard (BB), clicking on the “Register your clickers” link, and following the subsequent instructions. Tapes: Lectures are audio taped and made available on BB. Teaching Assistants (office hours to be announced): Sevim Dalva ( [email protected] ) Parul Khurana ( [email protected] ) Jacquelyn Randolet ( [email protected] ) Dr. Walter will handle grading errors, requests for regrades, etc. Please see him first about these issues. Help Sessions: I will plan to hold evening help sessions every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night . These will be from 7-8:30 pm in Lilly 2-102 , unless announced otherwise. It has worked well in the past to use these as study sessions for the lectures. They will review the lecture study objectives and allow time for additional clarification and discussion that was not possible in class. Students who have not understood the lectures, or thought they were moving too fast, are urged to come to the help session for that lecture. Additional help sessions will be scheduled before the midterm exams. 1
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Office Hours: I will be in my office regularly on Fridays from 10 am until noon . Any other time, feel free to drop in, or make an appointment. First come, first served. Appointments have priority, of course. I also teach two other courses (Bio 529 and LCME 506) this semester, so I will not be available for appointments during the following times: Mon. and Wed. 9 am to 2:30 pm, Tues. 11:30 am to 3:00 pm, and Thurs. 9 am to 3 pm. LECTURES AND ATTENDANCE 1. Your attendance is expected at every class . Attendance will be taken at most classes with iClicker. A good attendance record (>90% as determined by the electronic record) will be considered in the calculation of your final grade if you are within 1% of an announced cutoff. (i.e. If the cutoff for a B is 75%, and you end up with 74.2%, attendance could pull you up to a B, or at least a B- . If you end up with 73%, though, attendance won't be enough to get you the higher grade.) Typically, 90% clicker attendance means you can miss (or forget your clicker for) 2 or 3 classes. If you miss class, it becomes your responsibility to find out about
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BIOL221 Introduction to Microbiology - BIOLOGY 221...

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