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test taking tips for blackboard

test taking tips for blackboard - Student Tips for...

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Unformatted text preview: Student Tips for Successful Test Taking in Blackboard. *These tips have been compiled from many colleges using Blackboard. Taking Your Test in Blackboard To minimize technology problems that can occur while testing, please read the following list and apply what you learn when taking tests in Blackboard. Before the Test 1. Wireless: If using wireless, make sure you have a good wireless connection a. Move the mouse over the Wireless Network Connection icon on the Taskbar to see how good the connection is. The icon is four vertical bars. If no connection is established either reboot or click Start > Connect To > Wireless Connection. This will generally start the enabling process. If it does not click on Enable. 2. Dialup: If a student dials in from home using an Internet Service Provider (ISP), the ISP may kick him/her off for inactivity. The problem is that when taking a quiz or exam, the students are simply viewing one web page, so it appears that they are inactive. In AOL, use the keyword "smile4u" to prevent this (and also make sure that you are not using the AOL browser when taking the quiz see the browser recommendations section below). For other ISPs you can check your settings to make sure your timeout settings are set to the maximum allowed time by following these instructions (for use with Windows computers): a. Click on Start, go up to Settings and click on Control Panel b. Doubleclick on Internet c. Click on the Connection tab near the top of the Internet window d. Under Dialup settings, choose the service you use to connect to the internet e. Click on the Settings button f. Click on the Advanced button near the bottom. You should see a check box on the window that appears which says: "Disconnect if idle for ____ minutes" You can set this higher that its current value, but you should not uncheck this option 3. Log out and log back into Blackboard just before taking the test if you were already in Blackboard and have been in any other courses since it was opened. 4. If taking the test later in the day reboot your computer if you have not done so within the last couple of hours. This will free memory resources from applications they have opened that may be running in the background 5. Close ALL applications except Blackboard. This includes IM tools, email, and popup blockers. Simply closing an IM browser window does not stop the software. Right click on its icon in the Taskbar and Exit or Sign Out. 6. Do not wait until the last minute to take the quiz. If something goes wrong there won't be enough time to resolve the issue. 7. Turn off the VTBE (Visual Text Box Editor) in Blackboard if the test includes short answer or essay question types. From the portal, click on Personal Information in the Tools box. Click on Change Personal Settings. From here, set the Text Editor to OFF and click Submit. Once the test is completed, you can return to this area and turn it back on. 8. If at any time you get a popup Security Warning about the hidden_webeq_applet, you should select the "Always trust content from this publisher" checkbox and click Run. If you cancel this, you run the risk of the test locking up or kicking you out. Launching the Test 1. Maximize the browser window before starting the test. Minimizing during the test can prevent submission of the test. (Here is a link of compatible/certified browsers. We also recommend not upgrading to Firefox 3.5 at this time. Here are links to Firefox 3: PC link / Mac link.) 2. Do NOT double click the link to the test. This will lock the test and students will receive a message that says they have completed the test or submission is in process. If this occurs the instructor may need to reset your attempt. During the Test These tips may reduce the chance of a student receiving a message saying "submission in progress" or "test already submitted" with no results displayed. 1. Do not resize (minimize) the browser window during the test. 2. Never click the Back button on the browser. This will take you out of the test and prevent Blackboard the ability to track selected answers. 3. Avoid using scroll button on a mouse or keyboard 4. Do not Alt+Tab out of the test 5. Click the "Submit" button. Do not press "Enter" on the keyboard in place of clicking "Submit" 6. Do not click on the Submit button until you are either done or have run out of time. 7. Click Submit only once; it may take a few moments to receive confirmation of successful submission. 8. Save the test periodically. The Save Answer button at the bottom of the test should be used not the save button next to each question. a. Saving every question may result in an error saying some questions may not be answered b. The student should go ahead and submit the test ...
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