Helpful Reminders - Helpful Reminders! PS 101 Print this...

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Helpful Reminders! PS 101 Print this document and keep it by your computer for easy reference! *It’s important to remember that this is a political science course that just happens to be on-line. It is not a course about taking an on-line course. If you have problems with any aspect of our Blackboard (including, but not limited to, submitting assignments) you should visit your local college campus computer lab and ask for help. My degrees are in political science, not computer technology. I cannot help you with computer problems. For technical assistance with the blackboard, call the help desk at 1-866-590-9238. *Emergency Policy Regarding Blackboard: In the event that there is a snowstorm, an ice storm , a flood, a blizzard , a tornado, an earthquake, a major power outage , or any other major weather event that knocks out power to much of the region, DO NOT WORRY ! In the event that Blackboard has a major issue and is not available for a day (or more) at a time, DO NOT WORRY ! The instructor does not normally accept late work, BUT if the Blackboard itself is unavailable for one of the reasons mentioned above, I WILL ADJUST THE SCHEDULE SO EVERYONE IS ABLE TO FINISH THE WORK . Do not call the school. Do not call me. Do not email me obsessively . Do not get on icy roads in an attempt to get to a
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This note was uploaded on 07/12/2011 for the course POL SCI 100 taught by Professor Day during the Spring '10 term at Elizabethtown.

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Helpful Reminders - Helpful Reminders! PS 101 Print this...

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