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Reading the Documents—The Declaration of Independence Read the Declaration of Independence (in the back of the textbook or on-line). Also, read pages 22 to 30 in Chapter 2. Consider the following questions. 1. Name the author of the Declaration. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Phillip Livingston, Roger Sherman 2. Which British political philosopher had the most effect on the Declaration? John Locke 3. According to the Declaration, why was government created by men? 4. List John Locke’s natural rights. Now list Thomas Jefferson’s inalienable rights. Locke- life, liberty and property Jefferson- life, liberty, pursuit of happiness 5. According to the Declaration, what is the source of the government’s power?
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Unformatted text preview: people 6. What should the people do if government fails to do its job? 7. Name the King who is being blamed for the grievances of the colonists. King George III 8. The Declaration claims that its not unusual for the people to suffer. However, the colonists situation is special. Why is this situation different? 9. List one of the grievances the colonists had against the King. Taxation w/o representation 10. See the last paragraph of the Declaration. In this paragraph, for the very first time ever, we announce that we will now be the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Read the last paragraph aloud. It always gives me a thrill to read those words....
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