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Journal 1 - essentially funded by a corporate enemy This is...

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Cortney Post News Journal #1 “Campaign ad sparks controversy” The News-Enterprise May 13, 2010 This article from the Associated Press is about a citizens group in Pike County, Kentucky who is independently campaigning against Magistrate Chris Harris’ re-election with the support of funds from Utility Management Group and other businesses and corporations. Magistrate Harris has openly criticized the local water utility company and the major source of funds, $15,000, has come from the corporate owners of the utility. Funds have also been donated from a law firm connected with Utility Management Group, one of whose partners is State Senator Ray Jones. The issue this article targets is the US Supreme Court ruling earlier this year that allows corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money and support to political campaigns and issues, but not directly to candidates. The group in the article has launched a negative campaign against Harris that is
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Unformatted text preview: essentially funded by a corporate enemy. This is legal as long the group campaigning is not giving funds or getting direction to or from any candidate. Lifting the ban on the amounts of money that a corporation or business can give to independent campaigns opens the door for them to simply out spend a candidate to hurt their election chances. Candidates may as well look like NASCAR drivers who have logos of all of their corporate sponsors displayed on their suits. We could soon be watching full-length television shows that either directly or indirectly gives support for or against candidates and issues. This undermines the political process by legalizing the purchase of our elected officials who then “owe” the corporations who have supported them....
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