study guide ch 2- Constitution

study guide ch 2- Constitution - Studying the...

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Studying the Chapter—Chapter 2—the Constitution Read Chapter 2 and pages 76-79 (Chapter 4) in the Textbook, the Declaration of Independence (in the back of the textbook), the Articles of Confederation (found on the Internet), and the U.S. Constitution (in the back of the textbook) Always begin your study of the Chapter by considering the Learning Objectives found on the first page of each chapter. Consider the events leading up to the Revolution: **The battle cry of the Revolution was “No Taxation without Representation”. --The colonists were angry that they were being taxed by the British government but did not have any representatives in that government to speak for them. --An interesting side note to this is today’s Washington D.C. --D.C. has no voting members of Congress, neither in the House or the Senate. It was created outside of any state’s borders and only the states are given representation in our Congress. However, citizens of D.C. are required to obey all the laws passed by Congress, including being subject to all federal taxes. So, the residents of D.C. could be still using the battle cry “No taxation without representation!”. D.C. has requested that
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study guide ch 2- Constitution - Studying the...

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