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journal 4 - how BP is responding Obviously BP is not being...

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Cortney Post “Gulf Oil Spill: Federal Estimates Again Eclipsed By Reality” Huffington Post 6/8/10 The claim in this article is that amount of oil that is pouring into the ocean because of the collapse of the BP drilling platform in the Gulf is much more than what the White House has claimed. The estimates released by the White House are based on information from BP. The accusation is that BP is being intentionally deceptive, withholding information from independent researches that would enable them to make better estimates of the amount of oil that is not being contained. The White House release claimed that only about 5000 barrels a day were being lost, but it now seems possible based on video analysis that between 50,000 to 100,000 barrels a day are actually being released into the Gulf. The issues here are almost innumerable. The environmental repercussions of a spill this vast are overwhelming. However, this article focuses on the politics of the issue and
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Unformatted text preview: how BP is responding. Obviously, BP is not being as forthcoming and honest as they need to be in respect to the information they release not just to the public, but to the scientists and agencies to which they are responsible. The most likely reason for this is that BP is attempting to avoid taking full responsibility for this mess. Many questions about the status of the drilling at the time of the incident have already been raised. BP’s withholding of pertinent information is, no doubt, an attempt at damage control. The question raised for me by this article is the level of participation the White House is having in BP’s attempt to sidestep as much of the responsibility as possible. Is the Obama administration a willing Cortney Post and active participant in shielding BP and other responsible parties that allowed drilling to continue when safety was compromised? Does the White House releasing these lowered estimates provided by BP demonstrate agreement?...
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journal 4 - how BP is responding Obviously BP is not being...

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