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Unformatted text preview: Legacy of Byz. Emp. 1 Preserved, continued Gr. & R. sci, law, arch., phil, language, 2. Original contributions in acrh, (hag Sop) culture, (i.e. Sunday as day of worship) 3. Christianized west and other areas of eastern eur. 4. Buffer b/t Islam and latin Christiandom Islam M. visited by gabriel on mt hira, proclaims himself as phophet of Allah, est center at mecca, supposed sight of Abraham’s alter, word means submission, began in 7 th c. by bedoudins who claim to be decended from Ishmael, son of Abraham and Hagar, 5 pillars of faith 1. pray 5xs daily, , 2 pilgrimage to mecca 3, alms to poor, fasting, Shari’a path to follow do nothing unclean, Jihad, holy war against infidel (non muslim) or against sin Roman Church, most important foundation of medieval life; called Ghost of Rome b/c HQ in Rome, copied R. Empire, Bishop as head, organized- Diocese (from Diocletian) Structure parallels R E Bishops in control of Bishop ricks Petrine Doctrine- St. Peter 1 st Bishop Donation of Constantine- Emperor Constantine gave Pope Sylvester power over state as Rome fell, Bishop of Milan, St Ambrose (d. 397) father of cannon law , successfully argued Ch law, higher than state law, est. cannon law, exact copy of R. law St Jerome translated Hebrew OT & Grk. NT into Latin, made official bible of R. Ch. Augustine of Hippo- father of scholasticism, 1 st bishop in N. Africa, wrote City of God, most important book of the period, describes fall of Rome as its transformation into City of God, uses Platonic Phil, ideal form in the mind, sin in the body, justified the need for both Ch rule and secular rule Jerome, the Vulgate created common text Latin for the masses and translated Hebrew OT and Grk NT, became standard R Ch bible Pope Gregory I, 590-604, from Benedictine Order, mission to convert England, pastoral care a how to convert Barbarians & assimilate them by merging traditions, created uniform standard...
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