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Quiz1 - STA 200 Quiz 1 Solutions 1 Which of the following...

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STA 200 Quiz 1 Solutions 1) Which of the following is the study of how to collect, organize, analyze, and interpret information? Solution: Statistics 2) Statistics is used in which of the following fields? Solution: All other choices are correct (Politics, Medicine, Sports) 3) A politician’s campaign randomly chooses 500 Lexington residents to estimate the proportion of Kentucky residents that will support him in the upcoming election. What is the population? Solution: All Kentucky residents 4) Suppose you are interested in estimating the percentage of BCTC students who complete an associate degree. You collect data from 300 students to estimate this percentage. This is an example of what branch of statistics? Solution: Inferential 5) Suppose that you are interested in the average number of hours a group of 100 BCTC students work. You are going to collect and summarize the data for the 100 students. This is an example of what branch of statistics? Solution: Descriptive 6)
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