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Ch 21 Mean of stat = parameter its estimate , stand. D. Estimate pop portion with confidence , Level of Confidence – The degree of certainty (probability that we are correct) Level of significance – denoted is one minus the level of confidence (probability that we are incorrect) For a 90% confidence interval , 95% 1.96, 99% 2.576Notice that increasing the level of confidence, decreases the level of significance and increases the width of the interval Estimating a population mean with confidence is a statistic which estimates the parameter ,Standard error
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Unformatted text preview: – The standard deviation of a sampling distribution is the standard error of Based on the above information, we can calculate a confidence interval for the mean as follows:then Alternative hypothesis – the hypothesis that we want to prove, denoted Null hypothesis – the hypothesis formed that contradicts , denoted Correct Outcome (you would only know this i f you collected data from the entire population) Decision from the Hypothesis Test Fail to reject Reject is true Correct Type I error is false Type II error Correct...
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