Neurons all characteristics

Neurons all characteristics - Neurons all characteristics...

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Neurons all characteristics, different parts of neuron cell and function- Neurons -nerve cells- conduct messages in form of impulses, extreme longevity, amitotic (loose ability to divide), cannot be replaced, high metabolic rate, need oxygen and glucose Cell body - perikaryon. Soma, biosynthetic center with usual organelles, ribosomes, rough endoplasmic reticulum ER is called NIssl bodies or chromatophlic substance, golgi apparatus, mitochondria, microtubules and neurofibrils maintain shape, clusters of cell bodies in CNS is nuclei and ganglia in PNS Dendrites - short, receptive or input regions, graded potentials, dendritic spines Axon - one, initial region is axon hillock, axon can be short or absent in some, nerve fiber, branches called collaterals, the end is terminal branches or telodendra, endings axon terminals, generates ap, contains organelles except nissl bodies and golgi apparatus, moment to and from by microtubules Neurotransmitters ACH function - released at neuromuscular junction, synthesized from acetic acid and choline, released by all neurons that stimulate skeletal muscles and some of the ANS, found in CNS Epinephrine - chief hormone produced by the adrenal medulla, adrenaline Norepinephrine - excitatory or inhibitory depending on receptor, indirect action via second messenger, feeling good neurotransmitter, catecholamines, play role in emotional behavior, regulate biological clock, released by some motor neurons of ANS GABA - inhibitory, direct and indirect actions via second messenger. Important in presynaptic inhibition of axoaxonic synapses, gaba aminobutyric acid, in brain How neurotransmission is terminated at synapse
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Neurons all characteristics - Neurons all characteristics...

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