Eqns - velocity = x(2 mass = x(3 gravity = g_zero(r_earth(altitude r_earth(r_earth(altitude r_earth density = rho_zero*exp-altitude/scale_hgt drag

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function [dxdt] = eqns(n, t, x) global g_sealevel %reference value sea level global r_earth %radius of earth global rho_zero %density at sea level global scale_hgt %scale height global s_ref %reference area global cd %drag coefficient global thrust %thrust global m_dot %rate of mass change two = 2.0; altitude = x(1);
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Unformatted text preview: velocity = x(2); mass = x(3); gravity = g_zero*(r_earth/(altitude + r_earth))*(r_earth/(altitude + r_earth)); density = rho_zero*exp(-altitude/scale_hgt); drag = density*velocity*velocity*refa*cd/two; dxdt(1) = velocity; dxdt(2) = (thrust - drag)/mass - gravity; dxdt(3) = m_dot;...
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