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homework_Unit9 - strategy that Jack and Jenny have in mind...

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Introduction to Management Unit 9 Assignment 1 As Sandwich Blitz business increases there will be profit increase and more room for error and customer dissatisfaction. Since it has been errors with customers’ orders, there’s a need for establishing a sense of urgency. The threat of losing customers can affect Jack and Jenny’s business. The employees and manager recognizes that there’s a need for change and what is needed to stay organized. Adopting an e-customer order system is the
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Unformatted text preview: strategy that Jack and Jenny have in mind to support their employees concerns. Jack and Jenny will need to have meetings with the employees regarding the new system so they can address any issues and provide feedback. Proper training would be necessary just in case they have customers who are not computer savvy. Using this system can cease customer order errors and help keep employees from being overwhelmed....
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