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501 Syllabus Spring 2011 Sammy Elzarka

501 Syllabus Spring 2011 Sammy Elzarka - UNIVERSITY OF LA...

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UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP COURSE SYLLABUS EDUC 501 Educational Assessment 3 SEMESTER UNITS (GRADUATE CREDIT ONLY) Prerequisites: Graduate Standing Spring 2011 February 1 – May 25 Tuesday 7:00 pm – 9:20 pm Professor: Sammy Elzarka Office: University of La Verne, Barkley Building, Room 101 (second floor) Phone: (626) 201-7167 mobile Email: [email protected] Course Description: This course presents basic principles of assessment as it relates to student educational accomplishment (qualitative and quantitative), and construction and evaluation of educational and psychological tests. It also provides hands-on experience in the use of selected well-known measurement instruments in education. Course Outcomes Students will: 1. Identify the contributions of major theorists in assessment, tests, and measurements. 2. Understand the applications and limitations of different types of educational and psychological assessment instruments, both quantitative and qualitative . 3. Prepare criterion-referenced test items, which distinguish between different levels of the cognitive domain. 1
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4. Understand and use educational and psychological statistical terms and psychometric concepts, including validity , reliability , correlations and variables ; and be able to calculate basic “descriptive” statistics and appropriately use them to solve problems.
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