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CH 10 Assignment 1) The average purchases are higher in the West Region, totaling 8033.84, almost double the East Region’s total of 4227.87. 2) Credit was the most common form of payment, with PayPal falling behind it in every region. 3) 4-5 pm seemed to be the hour of most sales. Purchases were more common during the day as opposed to later at night. 4) The relationship between region, type of product purchased and average sales
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Unformatted text preview: price are: The West is obviously their best area for sales, almost doubling any other area in sales for both book and online purchases. Sales for online are almost the same for the East, West and North, but the West outsells them by over double on online product sales. The West region probably has a higher average sales price than the other regions, account for the higher levels, especially for the online portion....
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