BUS280LM6 - 1 Having the opportunity for an expatriate...

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1) Having the opportunity for an expatriate assignment can be both exciting and problematic at the same time. If I was offered this opportunity, especially for the length of time specified in this instance (three to five years), I would have to weigh the positives and negatives of moving there for that amount of time, along with the effect it would have on my family (pending they would come and the agreed to move with me of course). The first and probably most obvious thing to consider is the monetary compensation for being an expatriate. I would need a significant amount of monetary compensation to even make it worth wild for me to consider, especially since I will be uprooting my family from schools and my wife from her job in order to make this move. Secondly, do I know the culture and language there in order to make it an easy transition for myself and my family? Will my family WANT to move away from all their family and friends for such a long period of time? Keeping in touch with the way the internet and the world is today has never really been easier with social networking, instant messengers and cellular phones as they are now, but will that be enough for them being so far away from everything they knew for so long? I would need a place to live and information about the schools my children would attend and job opportunities for my wife. I would also require a visit to Denmark on the company’s dime in order to see the home, the schools and the area to see if our family would even want to move there for this amount of time. I would also need time to
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BUS280LM6 - 1 Having the opportunity for an expatriate...

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