BUS 280wa2 - Writing Assignment 2 1 If the U.S stopped all...

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Writing Assignment 2 1) If the U.S. stopped all importing, our entire way of life would change. Only things made or from the United States would be used or sold really throughout the country. Products we use every day from fast food to coffee to gasoline would all change the way we use them or the resources available to us on a daily basis. So many things we use are either complete imports or have portions of the product imported from other countries and it would drastically effect the way people do pretty much everything in their daily routine. 2) I think that 9/11 has changed the world because never have we seen such a vicious act against the mainland United States, and I think the world looks and see’s that if we can be attacked in the manner we were, anyone can as well at anytime. McDonald’s is thought of around the world as a symbol of the United States. Being created her and franchised successfully around the world, it is easy for foreigner terrorists to associate McDonald’s with the United States capitalistic ways and make them a target in foreign countries. I’m sure other
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BUS 280wa2 - Writing Assignment 2 1 If the U.S stopped all...

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