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International Management Module 2 Assignment Case Study: Nora-Sakari I believe Zainal should contact Kuusisto and Sakari to complete the joint venture negotiated between the two companies. Nora had already made a commitment to Telekom Malaysia Bhd with their switching contract, and Sakari has the exact technology that Nora Holdings needs to expand its business and fulfill their obligations. The other companies stated were definite possibilities of making a separate joint venture, but as stated in the study it seemed that Sakari might be the best overall choice if they could come to fair and agreeable terms. Sakari’s smaller size over the other larger telecom companies gave it an advantage for more customized products over its competitors. Sakari’s technical components of its products were also freely available in the open market which was another advantage over the other choices that provided products with required components from the parent company. Zainal should consult with his team and get the negotiations back on the table for a joint venture for these two companies that seems like it could be a slam dunk for each company’s future success in other markets. Each company may need to give a little and compromise some of its stands on the arguments between the two for the benefit of completing the JV. Case Study: Guanxi in Jeopardy 1) Chinese culture has many characteristics that distinguish itself from other cultures around the world. As shown in the case study, Tom found Chinese culture to be very different, especially with regards to their
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intmgmnt2 - International Management Module 2 Assignment...

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