intmgmnt4 - International Management Module 4 Assignment...

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International Management Module 4 Assignment Case Study: Infosys 1) Infosys started with high-quality manpower at a lower cost than many competitors. As time went by, they started to provide on-site services for their clients. They took advantage of their low cost workforce and it lead to them developing software in India for many different companies. This led to their competitive advantage because they were now well versed in developing generic software which they could vary from client to client. Infosys’ GDM model teams were placed across different global locations and each completed tasks in a specific manner. They would use global development centers for software development. The teams were then broken down into modules with each module assigned to one particular role. At the end of the project, they would collaborate and figure out what went right and wrong and also fill out worksheets daily which helped the managers see how the project progressed. 2) The GDM is a competitive advantage because it gave Infosys some of the highest processes and quality standards, while leveraging differences in cost, quality and skills in different locations around the world. GDM can have disadvantages because GDM can be complex to understand, there’s no specific structural organization for it, management and commercial overheads can be high and the possibility for language constraints. They could try to differentiate themselves by making their structure more vertical and making their management control sufficient to sustain their GDM model successfully. 3)
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intmgmnt4 - International Management Module 4 Assignment...

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