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International Management Module 5 Assignment Case Study: Wal-Mart 1) Wal-Mart’s global expansion strategy developed over time and changed with the switch to a new CEO as well. They would adjust to the foreign frameworks and make changes to their merchandise depending on consumer tastes or demand. One thing Wal-Mart did do was to keep three things constant in their strategies; Brand names, ethical standards, and ‘Every Day Low Prices’. Bob Martin, the initial CEO of Wal-Mart’s international division, chose to set up their operation quickly and enter multiple foreign countries to gain an edge over competition. When martin stepped down, the new CEO John Menzer decided instead to take a more cautious approach to the global strategy. His strategy involved more market research before entering the new markets and a much more organized approach to deciding on whether or not to enter a particular area. I think those strategies contributed to Wal-Mart’s success greatly. Even though they took two different approaches during the different CEO’s
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