IntMgmtMod3paper - Global Operation Opportunities &...

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1 Global Operation Opportunites & Threats
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2 Businesses face challenges in everyday operations. When a company moves from strictly domestic operations to global operations they face many opportunities and threats which can affect the company’s well being. In this paper I will show the opportunities and threats which can occur to a company that takes this route. When a business moves its operations to a global model, there are many different opportunities for the company to thrive and succeed. The first and most obvious opportunity is the expansion of the company’s business. Expanding to new regions in the world will only help to market their brand name better around the globe. Word of mouth can go a long way for a product and you never know where you might find extreme success in an area you might not have thought you would. The company will have the chance to enter into licensing agreements and joint ventures with other
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IntMgmtMod3paper - Global Operation Opportunities &...

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