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Strategic Management Module 3 Case Study The case study has to do with MTV and how their global strategy at first failed to incorporate a local flavor and culture. If they wanted to succeed in these global markets, they needed an overhaul of their strategies for profitability in each area. 1) MTV at first only used what strategy they had been using in their home country, the U.S. Developing a feed for other countries but not catering their channels to the cultures and artists in the new host countries. Their channels mainly consisted of the same or similar programming to their United States lineup. Their assumptions at the time were that the American brand, culture and artists would be more appealing or popular than any local ones could offer to their new viewers. 2) The strategy that MTV has pursued since 1995 is that of providing different feeds for certain areas around the globe that would have programming which would have a more authentic feel for the region along with more local artists. The benefits of this strategy can be shown by their
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