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Strategic Management Module 4 Case Study The case study has to do with Dell and how they evolved from a small one room company to a multi-national powerhouse. They evolved their corporate structure a few times to accommodate with the demand they needed to meet. 1) Dell moved to different kinds of organizational structures over time to meet the needs and demands of the company’s consumers. Their functional structure was created to group people with common skill sets and jobs together so that their value chain would be more efficient and they could maximize production. Then, later down the road, they changed to a market structure because their consumer demands were so varied that they needed to have separate divisions to cater to each of the various groups of consumers. 2) Yes, I believe Dell’s performance has improved. As shown in the case study, their revenues and profits have soared for years ever since their inception. Because of their structural changes, they were able to maximize their production, lower costs and make it easier for the company
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