Internation Issues Report I

Internation Issues Report I - I'm Dreaming of a White....

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I’m Dreaming of a White… China? David Andrews West and the World (HIST 157-01) Schroeder 20080502
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While the winter of 2008 brought some bad snowstorms to the States, it was nothing like the blizzards ravaging China. The snow is the worst that it has ever been in fifty years, and is rated red, the first time ever, on the government’s snow warning system, which uses various colors to indicate levels of snow fall as follows: 1) Blue, indicating 4 mm of snowfall in 12 hours, 2) Yellow, indicating 6 mm of snowfall in 12 hours, 3) Orange, indicating 10 mm of snowfall in 10 hours, and finally 4) Red, indicating 10mm of snowfall in 6 hours (5). Many of the workers in China migrate to and from their jobs as the work season changes. They travel by train mostly to get to their destinations. February 7 marks the start of the New Lunar Year, or Spring Festival, for the Chinese, and so many other people were traveling as well. Airlines and train stations were packed with people eager to get home for the holiday to reach family. More than 176 million people will be traveling by train and airplane alone to reach their destinations (4). Over 100 million people were left stranded in these places-, as well as on roads, in their homes, and anywhere else they might be. Edward Wang, a traveler by train, gave his story to Newsweek . He set out on what was supposed to be a 36 hour train ride and turned into 61. He says that it was so bad that food and water supplies ran out, and they were unable to purchase more for a long time because of the mass amounts of trains ahead of them buying out whatever the depots may have left in stock (3). Cases like these are not uncommon in the blizzard attacking China. Besides hurting the people-causing a death toll of over 60 and a countless amount of injury-it has a large effect on the government as well. Because of the detriment of the snowstorm, the
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Internation Issues Report I - I'm Dreaming of a White....

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