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Week 1(1) Lieberman's philosophy for 135 -trading textbooks and tedious lectures for -5 hypotheses & 4 great books - trade books meant to be read by smart ppl in the world -his overarching goal: social psych will change you -audio and video podcasted! =) Humans tend to conform to authority -what if we don’t know exactly what the right thing to do is? -ex: giving lieberman the finger = going against the norm of deference towards authority the yucky feeling! -situations are ambiguous, so we look to others to define the situation for us if everyone isn’t giving the finger, probably the deference towards authority -we often do this w/o realizing we're doing it -we do it quickly and w/o thinking about it and after the fact that we don’t realize that that's what we've done -haha isnt that preposterous how we'd base our choice of giving the prof. the finger on what total strangers are doing?
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Unformatted text preview: -we normally wouldnt ask strangers for important advice-asked jackie to come up to give him the finger again - 2 key differences 1) all alone 2) cant look to other ppl to share the blame diffusion of responsibility - for any given act u can engage in, the more ppl who engage in the act, the more it seems like the responsibility is divided makes us less fearful of the repercussions of what we do cuz it seems like less of the blame is given to us-this is a key part of social psych-conscientious objectors?-all BS - lieberman has done this at least 15 times and 99% of ppl have given him the finger but these last 2 times he taught the class, he wore a suit - the ONLY difference-that one thing will play a causal role-we will see how we are wrong - all part of how the human species tends to work-we happen to be wrong a lot of the times...
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