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Week1(6) There's another reason - non authority related reason – the slippery slope -we’re motivated to appear consistent with ourselves -it creeps up -no way would we give 250 volts of shocks in the beginning, but if increase by ONLY 15 volts each time, doesn’t seem too bad – “just a little bit more” -stopping = admitting we were wrong So why do we misjudge others? -we tend to think we accurately record reality -the way we see the world is subjective construal – we may not be able to see the invisible authority Terminology -situations – the immediate, implied, and our own thoughts about the physical and social environment -all work together to determine things in a situational way
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Unformatted text preview: -expectations affect our thinking-subjective construal your brains construal / interpretation-ex: 3 separate ppt. slides they look like a moving dot-ex: the colored castle black and white castle-nave realism disbelief in or lack of appreciation of subjective construal & multiple perspectives-we often dont realize its happening, but the experience seems real-consequences: you either saw a reality or you didnt Tapping demonstration-empathy gaps & the curse of knowledge-when you think of situational influences, its like we hear a symphony on one side and think the others can hear it toobut they really cant...
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