Week 2(1)

Week 2(1) - Week 2(1) Situational Construal & Nave Realism,...

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Week 2(1) Situational Construal & Naïve Realism, lecture 2 continued -week 6, Monday nov 2, class on nov 3rd and 5th, we have midterm on the 3rd and self esteem lecture on the 5th -thinking of switching the two… BUT if switch, self esteem lecture will NOT be on midterm -losing control will be the last topic on the midterm The tapping demonstration -about 50% of the time when he runs this demo, they start tapping along (the side that knows) -the side that doesn’t know the song wishes they knew what the side that knows knows, but the side that knows, thinks the other side should know too -easier for don't know to empathize than the know one Hostile media effect -idea is if u go out and find news articles, if both sides want to push an ideological perspective, they won’t see the article as neutral -ex: news in 1985 relatively neutral, but both sides think is biased
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