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Week 2(2) - associations-this isn't actually true in all...

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Week 2(2) Demo: What percentage of ppl prefer music from the 1960s over music from the 1980s? Do you prefer music from the 1960s or 1980s? -ppl tend to project a false consensus onto everybody else -the "reasonable person" standard - if I think it's true, everyone else will think so too 1960s vs 1980s music -its not exactly the type of music, its that ppl think of different bands so then they had judges rated the individual bands given by each subject Instead of asking "do u like 60s or 80s?", they heard the actual music from a 60s lover's list and from an 80s lover's list -the construal of the music lists is something we subjectively created based on our
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Unformatted text preview: associations-this isn't actually true in all cases, but more often than not, there is greater agreement than we originvally thought and the subjectivity goes deeper Automaticity & priming, lecture 3-automaticity plays a major part in what we've already been talking about - subjective construal and naïve realism-subjective construals-what is automaticity?-comes in various forms-perceptual (ie a real red square on the screen - nothing else really)-sematic (ie, if I say romeo and ______u automatically say juliet)-social - how we interact with others...
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