Week 2(3)

Week 2(3) - In second task about "donald" will...

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Week 2(3) 4 techniques for assessing automaticity 1) Recent exposure to primes 2) Subliminal exposure 3) Cognitive load - divided attention 4) Speeded tests (not on exam - anythign with an x = not on exam but can ask him for more info) If not automatic, called control processes Prior prime exposure technique (aka priming) -a classic important study in social cognition -subjects are led to think 2 experiments have nothing to do together, but of course, the social psychologists are lying =) -the two studies are intricately linked, but important for subject to think they are not linked -we try to make the studies sound as boring as possible so ppl dunno what they're really trying to study -"perception" study = the first one, the priming study
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Unformatted text preview: In second task about "donald" will have prime words like:-applicable positive/negative & non-applicable positive/negative U either saw the prime words for a. pos or a. neg - neither sees both-related to hyp. 3 - we don’t know what we don’t know Subliminal primes influence impressions-phase 1 - vigilance task-phase 2: read behavioral description about Donald (ALAWYS use the name donald… hahaha from donal duck. ..)-ambiguous with respect to hostility - crossing in a sailboat can be seen either way depending on ur mood-phase 3 - evaluate donald-if u got a lot of negative primes, u tend to rate it higher Interpreting the results See slide...
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