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Week 2(4) - -lieberman has more examples of this& will...

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Week 2(4) Automaticity via cognitive load (th 3rd form of assessment of automaticity) -get someone distracted by something totally irrelevant to what ur studying -some told to rehearse a number - puts u under cognitive load (cognitive busy) and ur shown 30 sentences -note: its well known that ppl remember inconsistent info better than consistent & that’s been shown dozens of times cuz u have to put extra effort to remember inconsistent info -if not on cognitive load, recognize kindness inconsistent better -wen under cognitive load, the effect completely disappears -this tells us that u can only get the extra bump when ur not under cog load, meaning this effect not due to an automatic process meaning, it takes cognitive effort -suggests it takes effort to think through the unkind behavior that bob does -u don’t end up putting in that extra effort wen under cog load -had this effect been there, conclusion is, this effect happens automatically -however, this does not happen for this example
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Unformatted text preview: -lieberman has more examples of this & will talk about them later Automaticity-largely defined negatively - what u don’t require or do Go back to the 1890s, william james wrote a book called principles of psychology - the biggest psych book u'll ever see and still holds true – perhaps more so than modern ideas Associative networks and priming-if u prime one part of the association, brings the second part to jump up closer to conscious awareness-think of a woman's name slide gives a quick illustration of this - if he just aksed us to think of a name, we'd think of popular names, but if he syas romeo, we think juliet-some might also hear "leonardo" wen ut hink of romeo-all sorts of things that might come up - shakespear might also come up - but they don’t generally jump above the conscious awareness - the others are close so if the next q was name a famous writer, u'd probably think shakespeare...
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