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Week 2(5) - Week 2 DISCUSSION Expectations for the...

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Week 2(5) Chronic accessibility -we all have diff chronic accessibilities - we share some, but the diff ones are the key ones -we each use our own chronic accessibilities to guide our associations -for most ppl wen u thin of a woman's name, u think of ur own name the most - the cocktail party effect of if someone says ur name across the room, ur more likely to hear it htan any other name So what drives our chronic accessibility/schemas? -some ex questions - these will pretty much build the filter of what we see -this symphony of chronically accessible constructs & this is a large part of how we define culture -culture is about a large group of ppl with shared constructs
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Unformatted text preview: Week 2, DISCUSSION Expectations for the class-bring lecture notes & books be prepared to ask questions about them-ok to eat in class, ok to walk out for phones – overall, just try to be respectful Activity Conclusion-the camcorder effect – we perceive things differently, even if looking at the same thing-ex: we interpreted the activity directions differently-past experiences might influence what we see & think-the world is your inkblot – we’re always constantly making the world what we want it to be-we each focus on different things-ex: we focus on different details...
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