Week 3(1)

Week 3(1) - Trivial pursuit-oh how funny did better if...

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Week 3(1) -midterm officially on Thursday, Nov 5 -material on Tuesday, Nov 3, NOT on exam -will NOT take attendance on Tuesday cuz knows we might want to study or not learn new material before -DO listen to podcast though -will NOT have discussion that week either -will give us a review sheet before the review session & the sheet will only focus on what you'll need to know from the books & demos but in terms of lectures, everything is fair game - ppt, audio, visual -dates are irrelevant & names are only relevant in sense of it might help us remember a study Lecture 3 automaticity continued -priming with words like "elderly" gets ppl to walk more slowly
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Unformatted text preview: Trivial pursuit-oh how funny, did better if thought in the day and the life of a professor What about subliminal priming in movies in the 1950s?-most of the money made at theaters is on concession stands-tried to get ppl to drink coke w/previews - unsuccessful-however, u CAN nudge behavior slightly ex: the priming ppl to walk slower with the elderly example - or the hostility example - u have to provoke the person, but u can be nudged to do it quicker or slower, or ur already doing well, u can nudge it to make u do better...
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Week 3(1) - Trivial pursuit-oh how funny did better if...

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