Week 3(2)

Week 3(2) - Where does it come from?-unintentional -...

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Week 3(2) Automatic goals -u do better not by memorizing, but by forming a better impression (impression formation) -why is this true? -john bargh - ran a study where half the subjects went through exact study (either explicitly memorization goal or impression goal) but the rest were given with no explicit goals -mystery moods - u don’t even know u have a goal cuz is primed Discussing automaticity -where does automaticity come from? -typically comes in 2 flavors - unintentional and intentional Why automaticity matters -ignore first part about situations alter our subjective construals without our consent priming 9/11
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Unformatted text preview: Where does it come from?-unintentional - culture like how we were raised, we incorporate cultural norms automatically-same with development of ur native language-intentional - some examples on slide 2 kinds of consciousness-stream of consciousness = basic perception & feels like immediate experience-immediate experience vs reflective consciousness-im not in charge of the reality - im not choosing to see this background as white-u experience it as something out there-clarification: first type is like stream of consciousness on the spot, but second type is reflective actually think about it...
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Week 3(2) - Where does it come from?-unintentional -...

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