Week 3(3)

Week 3(3) - where anything is-he has a disease called gout...

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Week 3(3) We often talk about automatic vs control processes Controlled processes -counting backwards by 7s from 16,358 -why? Cuz u'll never find anyone accidentally doing things - no1 does this w/o knowing it -we tend to overvalue linguistic controlled processes ex: explained how they came to a conclusion but if someone says they have a feeling, harder for us to duplicate the logic of in our minds Conscious logic of social… -elevator logic - not whether u should or should not take the elevator -his elevator logic is complete bs - there's no basis for it - its mainly that he doesn’t want ppl on the elevator when he's on it - is sure that if he worked on 8th floor instead of 4th, he'd get annoyed at ppl who take elevator from 1 4 -shouldn't get mad - cuz sometimes ppl go on elevator cuz dunno
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Unformatted text preview: where anything is-he has a disease called gout = his feet hurt a lot for a week every 2 months where he literally cant stand (hasn’t had gout attacks for 7 yrs) - when he had gout, would then take elevator 1 floor so u'd think he'd have more sympathy…but he doesn’t-what’s the point? ppl generate logic from making sense from a lot of different ways - it doesn’t make it accurate or true, but it feels more valid cuz there is a system that he can put into words wen we use conscious social logic to make sense of other ppl, we feel valid & validated, but doesn’t mean its true Monty Python snip-logic! So logically explaining why they burn witches-on the surface, it seems logical, but it really isnt...
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Week 3(3) - where anything is-he has a disease called gout...

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