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Week 3(4) - everyone and those folks arent representative...

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Week 3(4) False consensus effect -if u would, u think others would too, but if u wouldn’t, u think others wouldn’t too How do ppl decide what others would do? -subjective construal -naïve scientist - we THINK we're being scientific, but really not cuz not going out ourselves to get data - we tend to run little experiments in our head - we tend to think of what others would do What would others do? -problem is the ppl who come to mind easily to us are ppl we know and ppl who are more like us -we may accurately imagine what they would do, but then we generalize it to
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Unformatted text preview: everyone, and those folks arent representative of everyone else, they're like us-we aren't intentionally biased, we just don't realize our sample is biased-note: just looking around like at lecture 1, is an automatic process 1976 election-shows that 50% chance ur neighbor had different opinions than u-back then, u worked and talked to ppl w/diff views and was more likely to see other views-now…we're more likely to live around ppl like us increases the empathy gaps, which is dangerous for the nation overall...
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