Week 3(5)

Week 3(5) - why u like or don't like-the other half are...

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Week 3(5) Introspection/introspective thinking -u CAN be wrong about how much u like ice cream -cuz how much u think u like is only mildly connected -so if ur not always right, could someone else know ur answers better than u? yup -ex taking a bath - son hates baths, but once he's in the baths, hates getting out - looooves baths haha -lots of things we're like "no! I don’t want to do that!" but really, they love it haha -turns out the ppl around us often know us and our preferences better than we do Famous paper by nisbett and wilson -arguably the most important paper of the last 40 years Look at the cartoon slide - telling good art from bad -half subjects told b4 that before they tell, u need to think about ur reasons for
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Unformatted text preview: why u like or don't like-the other half are sort of just giving their gut judgment-in control, not surprisingly, ppl like the monet better, but if u have ppl introspect, they don't really prefer 1 or the other-2 weeks later, they found that the monet ppl liked it better but those who chose cartoon thought made a bad choice-why does introspection do this?-something about putting into words that makes an argument seem valid-it's easier to put cartoons into words than abstract art - harder to generate things to say with abstract unless an art critic-so what happens here is ur substituting the list you've made for your own affective response...
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Week 3(5) - why u like or don't like-the other half are...

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