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Week 4(1) - thinking about these to thinking if ur...

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Week 4(1) -midterm Thursday, nov 5 -Tuesday, nov 3 lecture on self-esteem NOT on midterm -however, the 10-15mins of first part will be tested (the rest of losing self control lecture) -review sessions generally scheduled 5 or 6pm of the Monday or Tuesday of week of exam - about 3-4 days before the exam - will most likely be audio podcasted, but not video cast Lecture continued from last week -introspection can lead you to make mistakes -suggests that introspection does not reveal "privileged" info -ex: making a list about urself and giving a friend the list to then tell u about urself Norbert schwarz study -ppl are either thinking about when they were assertive or unassertive &
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Unformatted text preview: thinking about these to thinking if ur assertive or not-if u were making a list of 6, that's exactly what you get & later when asked how assertive they are, ppl rate themselves as more assertive, however, if asked to make a list of 12, the pattern reverses-same with if 12 times unassertive, think ur more assertive-simply that it's hard to think of 12 instances in general & we mistake the difficulty of thinking of times as an indication that a trait is not indicative of us-moral: the ease of which u can come up w/these instances can be substituted with whether u actually are assertive or not...
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